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Excellence Awards International is distinct in designing, production and marketing of award products, souvenirs and corporate gift items. We are simply the best award plaques markers in Lagos, Nigeria and with more than 10 years’ experience as one of the industry’s leader, promoting the culture of excellence in the workplace through awards and recognition. In fact, we have it all from corporate, FIFA sports, to recognition crystals, acrylics and wooden award plaques. And our production and supplies have no limit. The range starts from one to any quantity. Our products expand inline our our services


You have our support in that award occasion or special recognition memento. Go ahead and give us a call or whatsapp us on 0803-382-0855. We will prove to you that we are excellence and we live our name. Our major goal is your satisfaction. We offer 100% money back guarantee. There is no trust building that is more than this. No doubt, we have over a decade of experience in this business and rose to become the most popular business of the month in May 2013-Omnibiz formerly Vconnect. Our position as the best award plaque dealers in Lagos, Nigeria is not negotiable as a result. Our years of experience made us to compile award plaques messages or write ups as a guide for those of of customers who may be looking for the kind of message for the awardees.


Our philosophy opined that Award is More Precious than Gold. That is why our quality is founded on the hallmark of excellence. Despite our quality, our prices are very competitive and by competitive, we mean extremely cheap.

  • Wooden Award Plaque - #6,000

  • School Award Plaques - #3,500

  • Acrylic Award Plaque - #8,500

  • Round Metal Award Plaque - #10,000

  • Crystal Award Plaque - #15,000


Award plaque has 3 major types’ namely crystal or glass, acrylic and wooden award plaques. Wooden award plaque is the oldest and most rugged plaque in history. Before the design and production of more sophisticated plaques  like crystal and acrylic, wooden award plaques have been in existence and serving the purpose of recognition and awards. Wooden award plaques are very affordable and fit perfectly for every award occasions. The choice however depends on the organizers and the caliber of the awardees. 


There are different sizes and shapes of wooden award plaques ranging from 6 by 8(the size of A5 paper), 8 by 10(the size of A7 paper or 40 leaves exercise book), 9 y 12(the size of A4 paper) and 12 by 16 (the size of A3 paper) inches. The shapes ranges from square, rectangular ,shield, finger, mango or flame, standing to barca shapes among others. The component of the wooden award plaques include gold, silver and or white aluminum plate, medallion, logo, the designed write up and of course the wood itself. The best method of printing on the aluminum is by sublimation. And once sublimated or transferred, it cannot be erase