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Neon signs in Lagos, Nigeria an overview

Neon sign

Bill Board


Bill board with neon sign

Bill board with neon sign







Excellence Awards International is a signage making company in Lagos, Nigeria. We build and install neon signs in your designated locations like bridges and flyover. Just like car branding, neon lights are strong marketing tools. The attractive nature of outdoor display of these signature on billboard no doubt increase revenue . Office neon signs are mostly installed in the front and side view of the office complex for visibility purposes. Most of the award winning companies and products started by investing wisely in neon lights. While most signage are outdoor and used by companies to better position their brand name and products. Others are indoor with attractive lightening. These are mostly seen in the hotels, motels and restaurants. Roll up banners are also attractive indoor display.


Why the wise investment in neon signs in Lagos, Nigeria

We encourage our customers to invest in neon signs in Lagos, Nigeria and outdoor advertising so as to increase their visibility. Your outdoor advertising flaunts your brand and speaks volume about your business and company.In this category our services include billboard branding, 3D cut-out lettering, car branding among others. So, when next you are searching for a company that will help you build and install signboard, neon signs in Lagos,  Nigeria, don’t hesitate to call or whatsapp us with the necessary image you want and then leave the rest for us

Neons signs in Lagos cutting edge

We have state of the art theater and technical know how to handle your demand that may be valued in tens of thousands to millions of naira. Our displayed picture may guide you on selection of your style. Neon signs played major role in brand and product promotion. Most of the street signs all over Lagos are products of neon signs system. Today electric signage are rampant . Its very attractive and send brand image to the target consumers almost immediately. This explains the reason for its choice lately. Of course every marketer or company want an easy conversion. Outdoor brand signs are better positioned on the bridges and flyer overs including strategic positions in the cities. The attractive lightening makes them irresistible by the general public.


Requirements In Placing Your Order