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Face caps and T-shirts

Face caps and t-shits

T-shirts and face caps


T shirts

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T-shirts assorted

Assorted t-shirts

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Face cap Varieties

Face caps

Face caps assorted

Face caps

Face caps

Black designed and printed face caps

Branded face caps

Are you looking for customized and branded t-shirts and face caps?  As well as promotional and monogrammed towel of all sizes in Lagos, Nigeria? If yes, then at Excellence Awards International place, your search is complete. Because, we supply t-shirts and face caps in hundreds and thousands. Even conference folders all over Lagos, Nigeria.  They are used mainly for product promotion or launch. Certainly, these items are mainly for political parties, associations, clubs, churches and schools. We are outstanding in this aspect of our business with over a decade of experience. The result no doubt is because knowledge hands on branding with either monogramme, flex, flock or sublimation transfer. In addition to buying of already made t-shirts and polo, we also customize them to better represent our customers brand and colour.


Our other product lines and services

You might wish to check other promotional products in our stock such as award plaques, key rings or holders, mugs, diary, neon signage, lapel pins. However, branded T-shirts and face caps in Lagos especially have earned us good patronages. This may be due to the huge demand from all works of life. Especially the corporate bodies and institutions. Such as schools, universities, banks, political parties, professional clubs and associations among others. Anyway, the emphasis is on their brand awareness. And also product promotion. Branded T-shirts and caps played outstanding role in uniformity and easy identifications. Schools most importantly use them as uniform among all the students. This alone speak volume.

Bespoke t-shirts and face caps

 Its exceptional during the inter house sports to distinguish house competitions. T-shirts and face caps can be sourced in different markets including amazon but its extremely better to customize with the local tailors for accurate sizing and measurement. The already made ones that are great,  good and comes in different sizes are Polo shirts. Monogramme towels are very good for inter house gift items. Logo on these will definitely do the communication. Hence, the reason for using them as brand promotion items. Both t-shirts and face caps as well as towel do good representation both for brand and product awareness. Always get in touch with us for free advice on all the items. 08033820855. Whatsapp and calls allowed.


Requirements In Placing Your Order