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Roll up banner and its role in branding

At Excellence Awards International, we are exceptional in designing, printing and supplying of roll up banners and stands in Lagos, Nigeria. For this reason, If you are looking for where to design and print roll up banner in Lagos, Nigeria. Even flock or flex ,then you are at the right place. Because, our quality printing is founded on the hallmark of excellence. More importantly, our roll up stand can accommodate different banners. They can also be used in different occasions with different banners. Most noteworthy is the fact that they can be taken down in a matter of seconds and re-erected. That is certainly, how flexible they can be. Also note that we deal on award plaques, key rings, lapel pins that boost your popularity.


Roll up banners in different positions

It is very important that before you make a purchase decision on roll up banner. Firstly, check the strength of the roll up. Stand it up and check the back side of the roll up banner. As a result, you will be able to know the flexibility of the banner. secondly, Examine the roll up banner also on folded position to know its glossy nature. Then also, check the back end of the roll up just before the installation. And finally on its standing position to also know its ability to stand any force like breeze. When you confirm all these okay, then you are good to go. Luckily, all our roll up stands meet these criteria. These check stand us out as the best dealers of roll up banner in Lagos.

Our professionalism on the roll up branding

Nevertheless,  the good news is that, whichever one you need to print, we are all ready for you. In our stock are both table roll up banners and electric roll up banners. In fact, they have attractive and glossy display. This is very important,  especially when the aim  is for brand promotion and product awareness. Certainly, we have lots of promotional and brand awareness products.  And they include neon signage, umbrellas, conference folders. We offer free branding and consultation.Kindly note that, While, roll up banners have common size of 3 x 7 ft . There are also other roll up banners with sizes of 6 x 7 ft, 8 x 7 ft and 10 x 7 ft. Hence, they can be used as back drop or red carpet. Certainly, as professional up banner dealers in Lagos, we measure out sizes according to your need. 


Requirements In Placing Your Order