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Unique awards in Lagos, Nigeria

Unique awards in Lagos, Nigeria are the makers of uncommon plaques in Nigeria. They are exceptional products of Excellence Awards International Concepts Limited. Their qualities are founded on the hallmark of excellence and are aimed at rewarding achievements in the workplace. These unique award products are well represented in our different social media platforms including our instagram handle at All the products here are unique, exceptional, fantastic and widely used for award of excellence. Some of these unique award plaques in Lagos, Nigeria can be easily accessed through our whatsapp catalogue . Customers interest is paramount and most of their interests and satisfactions are measured in their feed backs/reviews 

10 unique awards and recognition products

Crystal Award Plaques


Award of excellence

Crystal plaque



Glass award

Crystal award

Crystal plaques are special kind of awards that are mostly reserved for special kind of people. What makes them unique is that their glossy nature stand out among other awards. Crystal plaque awards also have different designs that are unique in different class and categories of. They can be designed in different unique shapes. Customers who are tasty for quality founded on the hallmark of excellence will always reach out to us for professional advice and guide on the type of awards to consider for their awards and recognition events. The fact remains that the nature of award and the recipients matter in any form of recognitions.

Acrylic Award Plaques


unique award

Acrylic award


Acrylic plaques

Acrylic plaques similar with crystal plaques

Acrylic plaques are another form of unique awards but in their own categories. On several occasions, when customers call on us, the first thing they would want to know is the different between crystal and acrylic awards. This has made us to state the difference which is well articulated in this few minutes video. Here, Both the similarities and differences are well covered. Without watching the video you may not be able to differentiate  between acrylic and crystal award plaques. This is because both share similarities

3D Crystal cube


Custom 3D plaque

Personalized 3D award plaque


3D Crystal plaque

Branded 3D crystal

3D crystal cube is the most outstanding unique award plaques ever. It has class, the glossy nature and far more unique in its shapes of designs. It’s exclusively for executive gift and award mostly because of its price. Some customers though appreciate its beauty but recognizes the fact that it’s expensive. It always serves the purpose when given out as award, gift or souvenir.

Wooden Award Plaques


Standing wood

Wooden award


Unique Wood plaque

Unique wood plaque

Wooden plaque award is the oldest form of award, it’s the most rugged and yet affordable. The wood ranges from natural wood, walnut, piano finishing wood or glossy wood. Wooden plaques have variety of designs and shapes. While some can stand on their base and on the table, others can by hung on the wall with the help of the holes or pins behind. You may wonder how wooden plaque is unique. Yes, it is in its own way because it can be designed in different ways that can change that ordinary look into extra ordinary wood award.

Metal award plaque



Metal Award plaque



Metal Plaque award

Metal plaques have uniqueness that make them distinct in several ways. Though, not yet well embraced by many possibly because of its non-popularity to many consumers. Most of them are designed in gold and this set them apart from others. They are beautiful and attractive. And assumed various forms and shapes. They are also affordable but can’t be compared to wood in terms of price.

Sport Medals and Trophies


Sport medal

Unique sport medals



Sports Trophy award

Sport medals and trophies are also among the oldest mementoes for awards and recognitions. Medals and trophies are in high demand by sports men and women. Schools inter-house sports competitions especially the primary and secondary levels make almost daily demands of these recognitions and appreciations award products during the seasons of their events. Of course all of these products have to be branded and in Excellence Awards International Concepts Ltd, Graphics and production departments are well dedicated for this purpose and on 100% free of charge. Even though medals came with follow come ropes, there are customized ropes that can be branded with customer’s request of text though both the customized text and lanyards as mostly called come with some tokens of prices.

Photo Frames


Unique picture frames

Unique photo frames


Gold frame

Gold photo frame

Photo frames are another form of award memento of age. As the name signifies, photo frames are built with frames of wood or fibre and come in various sizes. In excellence Awards International also the production department can cut any size of frame you can think of. Most of these frames are also used to frame family pictures including wedding, birthday and anniversary pictures among others. Always reach out the the company on the call or whatsapp for state of the art service and products that are unique.

Portrait drawings and images

portrait painting

Unique portrait award

Photo painting

Picture portrait

In this particular type of award , your image replica or portrait is drawn and framed on any particular size of picture frame award. Its uniqueness supersedes many others in the sense that this is your personal image that is be replicated and presented to you. In most cases, it comes as a surprise to the recipient. This is because , he or she has no idea of what is being presented to him or her. Most people receive this kind of unique award during their birthday, wedding and other special events or anniversaries.

Unique promotion souvenirs

Other unique products of Excellence Awards International are Lapel Pins, Mugs, T-Shits and Face Caps, Key Rings / Key Holders, Car Branding, Diary Printing, Neon Signs, Political Campaign Materials, Roll up Banners, Umbrella Branding, and Wristbands. The branding of these products stand the company out. In this organization, customer satisfactions is a brand goal. A company where quality is founded on the hallmark of excellence. All these unique awards and products are aimed at promoting the culture of excellence in the workplace thereby rewarding achievements at the same time with all these tangible mementos. There are also unique gift items and souvenirs mainly for marketing promotion and unique award plaques in Nigeria with friendly Prices. Unique awards come with special recognition categories. Consult the graphics department via whatsapp chat for different categories of awards. Categories of award and recognition matters a lot. Employees are distinguished in different fields of their respective roles. These can be grouped to capture the talent of the employee very well.

Positive impact of using unique awards

Unique awards in Lagos , Nigeria no doubt have so many positive impacts on the overall positive impact on the organizational growth, of course,  award is more precious than gold, it promotes healthy competition, challenges for higher achievement and increases productivity and hence increases the shareholders wealth. Suffice it to say that there is need for reward for more work through awards. There is need for rewarding achievement in the workplace through awards and recognition. All these are possible through the unique awards products of Excellence Awards International, therefore always reach out through call or chat on 08033820855