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What lapel pins can do

Excellence Awards International is the number one makers of lapel pins in Lagos, Nigeria. What actually is lapel pin? Lapel pin is mostly the small pin worn on our clothing and especially on the lapel of our suit or jacket. Excellence Awards International knows the importance of lapel pins on both private, corporate and government institutions and has made provisions of supplies for the effective coverage


The images varieties

 Lapel pins has many types in terms of shapes and size. Each lapel must have a specification to pass the message of the organization especially the logo design. There are also badges and name or table tags for schools and offices. If you are searching for all these, our stock covers them all. We even personalize our lapel pins base on your specifications. You will also like our various types of key rings, diary, conference bags and folders, mugs and crystal, acrylic and wooden award plaques  for organizational and corporate recognition, motivations, rewards and awards. Lapel pins are used by corporate institutions like banks and consulates. This promotes their brand names.  

The brand promotion significance

The logo branded badge already signifies the institution’s name. Also most of the school that wear badges, name tag, and even table tags do the same in order to a achieve the same purpose. The most important reason for badges have to be achieved. There are so many designs and shapes of the pins. In most cases each  tag depicts the shape of the institution. Likewise the colour. Even though, most of the colours like the organizational brand colours are achieved while printing or designing the lapel pins. Incidentally, we offer professional advice, guidance and direction on how best to brand these pins, badges and tags. These stand us out as the best lapel pins dealers in Lagos


Requirements In Placing Your Order