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Portrait painting

Excellence Awards International is an expert in portrait drawings. We can frame any size of your image, replicating it with 100% accuracy. Excellence Awards International has well-experienced artists who are versatile in all kinds of portraits, making them the perfect choice

We offer the perfect gift for anyone in your life, including yourself! We can draw and frame any size of your image for less!

portrait painting

Picture sketch

On this note we welcome you to our portrait studio, you are at the right place where we create amazing portraits of you or your friend. We pride ourselves on not only having the talent and eye for portraiture, but also passion. Hence the best portrait drawings in Lagos, Nigeria

We are also rated number one in 3D plaques and other award plaques making in Nigeria

Portrait delivery

Even though, we are headquartered in Lagos, we deliver in all the states of the federation using every available dispatch services including air cargo to Abuja, Adamawa State, Akwa Ibom State, Anambra State, Bauchi State, Bayelsa State, Benue State, Borno State, Cross River State, Delta State, Ebonyi State, Edo State, Ekiti State, Enugu State, Gombe State, Imo State, Jigawa State, Kaduna State, Kano State, Katsina State, Kebbi State, Kogi State, Kwara State,  ,Nasarawa State, Niger State, Ogun State, Ondo State, Osun State, Oyo State, Plateau State, Rivers State, Sokoto State, Taraba State, Yobe State, Zamfara State, Lagos State

Photo painting

Picture portrait

Skills of portrait drawings

Take a picture of yourself and know that you’re in for a good time. Draw what you want to draw and take your time with it. The more confident you are in your skill, the more detailed you can get!

Take a look at the photos below and see which one matches your skill level. If you’re just a beginner, don’t choose a photo that involves shadows or angles that are too difficult. If you’ve had more practice drawing portraits, go for it

Picture drawing

Photo portrait

Drawing portraits doesn’t have to be hard; all you need is the right photo. Make sure whichever one you choose matches your skill level, so if you’re just a beginner, don’t pick a photo that’s too complicated!

The possibilities are endless with our photo editing and drawing tools, and we’ve got the perfect one for you! Choose a photo and experiment with different effects to find what you like best.

Portrait sizes in pctures frames

That’s right! You can find the size of the frame you need for your specific portrait with us. Whether you need an 8×10, 9×12, 12×16, or 16×20 inch frame, we have it here!


Picture sketch

From small to large, portrait drawings come in a variety of sizes. 8 by 10, 9 by 12, 12 by 16 and 16 by 20 inches are some of the most popular sizes. And prices will vary accordingly.

Picture sketch

Photo portrait

If you want to know what size of picture frames are available for your portraits or wedding photos, there are many different sizes. The 8×10, 9×12, 12×16 and 16×20 are the most popular. Prices will differ depending

The act of Paintings, drawings, engravings portraits

No doubt, we, at Excellence Awards International, are Nigeria’s best in portraits. We paint, draw or engrave the art of you or your loved ones on canvas or paper. It’s easy and fun to get that perfect picture of you to show off

Picture sketch

Photo drawing

When you stick to the rules, it’s easy to create a traditional portrait that follows all the guidelines. But when it comes to portraits, sometimes the most striking are those that break all the rules.

If you want to be really authentic and artistic, try shooting your subjects from a different angle! It’s as easy as raising or lowering your camera

Portraits are all about connecting with your subject, so it’s important to use eye contact! It can tell the story of the person in front of you, whether they are sad or happy.

Have you ever noticed that the best photos are the ones that have something to look at inside the frame? It could be a child looking at a ball, a woman looking at her new baby, or a man looking hungrily at a big plate. Always be in touch with us for your best Portrait drawings in Lagos, Nigeria