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At Excellence Awards International, we the are best makers of conference bags and folders in Lagos, Nigeria. We supply in large quantities for seminars, conferences, events and training. Our seminar bags and folders contain jotter, pens and calculator. However, some requests differ. You can chose to have bags or folders without accessories. We also ranked top in award plaques making in lagos, Nigeria. Even though black training bags or folders are common, other colours are available on request. As a result of this, we first ascertain the needs of our customers. Especially the bespoke users. Then, we customize based on information gathered. Our whatapp and hot line is 0803382085



Black seminar bags or folders flaunt brand logo more than any other colour. This is the major reason for its choices by many institutions. Conference bags and folders aide in easy packaging of conference materials. Such as jotters, pens and calculators. Each of these materials are branded to better project the identity of the institution. The branding aides in either brand promotion, awareness and product sensitization. Corporate bodies, schools, training centres and government institutions put all these into considerations. The importance of the bags and folders cannot be overemphasized . This is because of their roles in brand and product awareness and promotion

With our high level of expertise, forged by over 10 years of experience, you can be rest assured that your conference bag and folder order from us will be designed and supplied to match what you envision.  We prioritize quality of service and customers satisfaction above all else.

Why Should You patronize Us?

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction ( All 5 Star Ratings)
  • Free Engraving
  • Free Design
  • Free Branding
  • Free Delivery Within Lagos
  • Free Consultancy
  • Highly Flexible Customization

To place your order is quite easy, Call / Chat (WhatsApp) on 08033820855 or fill the Order Request Form below. You can also contact and attach content via You can also view more acrylic award plaque designs, as well as wooden and crystal award plaques on our catalogue.

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