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Recognition Awards as

Umuhu Okabia Secondary School Alumni Association Meet in Lagos

Umuhu Okabia Comprehensive Secondary School in Orsu Local Government Area of Imo State on Sunday, 3rd March, 2024 held their Reunion meeting at Ago-Palace way, Okota, Lagos State where some members were given recognition awards for going the extra mile. Some of the highlights include Recognition awards and umuhu Okabia Secondary school Alumni Association Reunion planning .


Umuhu Okabia Secondary Alumni Association members

Appreciation and recognition Awards

In his speech, the President Denis C. Iheadiri, who happened to be the senior Prefect of the 1995 set sincerely thanked the executives and trustees of Alumni Association for their sincere support and contributions towards the growth of the Alumni association. Among them are:

  1. Victor Anunobi- Vice President
  2. Denis Ukaegbu- Secretary General
  3. Charles Oku- Financial Secretary
  4. Lambert Iheofor-Treasurer
  5. Emezie Olejeme -Welfare Officer
  6. Clifford Eluagu-Provost
  7. Theodore Nzekudu- PRO
  8. Hycenth Obidike- member and one of the trustee members of the alumni and of course all the old boys and girls of the school for their immense support financially and otherwise that have brought the association this far. Recognition awards and umuhu Okabia Secondary school Alumni Association as a pre-get together  was  hosted  in  Lagos  for  a purpose.
    Umuhu Okabia Secondary School

    Alumni members

Above all, to God be all the glory who assembled us together after 29 years of leaving our alma mater for a greener pastures within Nigeria and abroad. This would not have been possible without the power of social media which has been our meeting place until this day being our first physical meeting here in Lagos. The President stated.

Landmark Recognition Awards and Achievements

Umuhu Okabia Secondary School Alumni Association has been in existence and being powered and limited by various set. And little or nothing has been felt as a result. It has been like this until in 2022 when the 1995 set decided to take the bull by the horn and so far achieved the following

  1. Members

    Umuhu Okabia Secondary Alumni Association members

    Drafted of our Alumni Association Constitution

  2. Registered the Umuhu Okabia Secondary School Alumni Association
  3. Opened our official account in the name of the Alumni Association
  4. supported some of our members where necessary
  5. Lent helping hands to our sick members
  6. Funded the business of the wife of our departed member
  7. Supported financially our member whose wife gave birth to triplets
  8. Reached out and supported financially some of our teachers among others. The Alumni Association is being being guided by the article (IV) of the constitution which is their aims and objectives.

Article IV: Aims and Objectives

  1. To re-unite and synergise in order to pursue a common goal
  2. To give assistance/support with its limited resources to members where necessary
  3. To promote peace, unity, love and mutual co-existence in Okabia and it’s environ
  4. To join hand with other interested bodies to bring about quick and steady development in both economic and social lives of our members and State at Large
  5. To provide assistance/support to members in cases like sickness, accident, distress, unemployment, intimidation, disability, birth and death
  6. To encourage and challenge good people of Okabia and Nigerian at large to do more in promoting and empowering entrepreneurs through awards and recognitions.
  7. To contribute in building human capital through training and education

Pillar of Supports towards recognition of awards

The President posited that Alumni pillar of support so far have been members. They are the ones that have funded the Alumni Association through; Monthly dues, Levy, Freewill donations and among others which is in line with the article (IV) sub section 5 of Alumni constitution; being the source of revenue. He called on the old boys and girls of the great school for any form of support especially the one that will help in rebuilding the school which is in ruin today due to security problems. According to him, they can easily be reached with the alumni association email address:

Awards and Recognitions

Two members were recognized for going the extra miles. Among them is Okeke Amaka Helen. Okeke Amaka Helen who was formally known as Ndidi Imo received recognition award for her participation and in particular representing the people of South-East in that meeting.


Recognition awards

Also, Mr. Denis U. Ukaegbu received similar award. He represented the people of South-South. The act that showed passion, support and contributions toward the growth of the Alumni Association. In their responses, both recipients made it clear that the award has challenged them to do more for the alumni and the school at large.

Recognition award is part of the Alumni Association’s objectives towards motivating members, students of the school and the society at large.

Award plaques

Display of recognition award

Reunion and the action plans

According to the Alumni Association President, Denis C. Iheadiri, “we are in Lagos for a pre-get together and for continuous planning of the reunion in our Alma Mater. We believe this will bind us together and activate our common purpose”.

Ukaegbu Dennis the award recipient with DenisC.  Ihediri the Alumni Association President

He further stated that, “the reunion will tend to cover the following among others;

  1. Novelty Football Matches among the primary schools in Umuhu Okabia
  2. Scholarship
  3. Awards and recognitions to distinguished leavers and the graduates of the great Umuhu Okabia Secondary school
  4. Visitation of our teachers with the intention to assist them with gifts of either cash or kind.
  5. Empowerments
  6. Talks
  7. Renovations of the school
  8. Of course we will appear in our normal blue and white school uniforms and the subsequent morning assembly Procession. These and more are some of the line ups for the reunion”.

The President however, thanked the Reunion Chairman, Mr. Dennis Ukaegbu, and Pre-Get Together Chairman in Lagos, Mr. Lambert Iheofore and the Coordinator Alumni Association Women’s wing, Mrs. Ifeyinwa Iheadinotu who are championing this Reunion.



Recipient of recognition award thanking Alumni colleagues

In his closing remark, the president has this to say, “May I use this opportunity to thank those who are sacrificing everything including money, time, resources etc. to make sure that Umuhu Okabia Secondary School Alumni Association is what it is today and stands the taste of time.  We are being guided by our constitutional

-Mission which is to re-unite and synergize us in order to pursue a common goal

-Goal which is to impact in our lives so as to build a greater society

-Vision which is to be the best Old Student Association driven by passion in building greater society

-Core values which is driven by Peace, Love, Unity and Progress. These and more are our driving force which have seen us always thinking of what we can do for our Alma Mater and not otherwise.


The Alumni Association President, Mr. Denis C. Iheadiri insisted that this is indeed the journey of one thousand mines that started with a foot step. That, it would not have been possible without the grace of God, the Executives, Trustees and members of the Alumni Association. We must give kudos to our Legal and Media Team including daily independent News, PM express, Vanguard, Nairaland for the work well done. We therefore invite all the old students to please join hands in uplifting our Alma Mater no matter where you are you can reach out to us via our email and whatever form of help you want to give the school through us will be well communicated, he concluded.



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