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Acrylic award plaques in Lagos, Nigeria

In the cause of event that requires recognition with awards, acrylic award plaques in Nigeria are one of the most affordable plaque awards to come to mind. They are being used today by schools, corporate organizations, churches, mosques, military and para-military formations. Including other organizations that promote culture of excellence in the workplace. Follow the Excellence Awards International channel on WhatsApp: For regular sample updates of various designs of awards.

Why acrylic plaques are affordable in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Acrylic award plaques in Nigeria

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Acrylic Plaque awards

Award plaques

Acrylic award plaques in Nigeria

Acrylic award plaques in Nigeria

The major reason for this is that it’s most readily available, it’s easily personalized into awards of any shape and it can be produced in 24 to 48 hours on the approval of a draft or design. This is possible because currently, we have machine that can easily aid in the production of acrylic awards. These machines can cut any shape. Though this might take a little while to get to the finishing stage especially when you are get a shape that will depict your brand or logo. For daily updates of award samples especially as they are being designed and produced follow us on Instagram. or

Differences between acrylic awards and crystal or glass awards.

Most customers do not know that acrylic plaque awards in Nigeria differ from crystal plaque awards in many ways. For instance , acrylic award plaque when dropped forcefully on the floor will have little or no damage to it. Unlike the crystal plaque award that can easily break or shatter once dropped on the floor.
Such fall in the case of acrylic award if at all can only case temporary damage meaning ,you can easily pull it back to normal but in the case of crystal or glass award ,it’s fall cause permanent damage. Acrylic plaques is very light in weight when compared to crystal plaques. Weight will make more meaning to you when you lift both of them up. Actually, a lot customers are asking questions on this differences between crystals and acrylic award plaques in Nigeria. This has led us into this few minutes video which will no doubt clear your curiosity after watching it. Watch it here

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Similarities in acrylic award plaques and crystal or glass award plaques.

Both have similar shape. Both acrylic plaque awards and crystal or glass awards have similar designs. Both acrylic award and crystal or glass award have same height. These similarities make it hard for most consumers to differentiate between them. This video will also define the similarities of acrylic plaque awards and that of crystal plaque awards. Its advisable you refer people to this short video anytime the question arises in your award committee or organization because its a good pointer or direction to good award production. Here is the link to the video 

How much is acrylic award plaques in Nigeria.

Prices of awards actually differ by the nature of the award. 3D crystal awards in Nigeria  which are the most expensive due to its weight in Kg for example is no doubt more expensive than crystal plaques or glass awards which in turn are heavier than acrylic plaque awards and off course more expensive, Acrylic award plaques in Nigeria are more expensive than wooden award plaques. However, there are customized acrylic plaque awards in Nigeria that compete with crystal or glass awards in terms of price. Likewise, there are special wooden plaques especially those that came with wooden box that are more expensive than acrylic plaque award. Message Excellence on WhatsApp.  for various prices of awards based on the specific type of  acrylic awards you want or even any type of award you have in mind. Here you will get professional advice.

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How are acrylic award plaques in Nigeria made?

This should be reserved for the production department of the award makers in Nigeria. This is because its production is complicated especially when your starting from the sketchy work of the graphic designers.  for all the necessary information on this being the best award markers in Nigeria. Chat direct to excellence 08033820855


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