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Father Iroegbu received 3D crystal award of honour

Rock view Hotels played a host to who is who in the Nigerian Military as well as the religious of the catholic faith. This is all for a Priest of God and an officer who served Nigerian Army for 28 years and received received 3D crystal award of honour

Very Rev Fr (Brig Gen) Charles C Iroegbu on Saturday 30th August celebrated his 58th birthday, 30th priestly anniversary ordination and meritorious exit from the Nigerian Army.

He was honoured with the best and biggest award in the production history of 3D crystal award plaque in Nigeria. The fine gentle man and officer, was the longest servicing Director, Chaplain Services (Roman Catholic), Nigerian Army and Coordinator of the Catholic Pastoral activities of the Armed Forces of Nigeria having served for 10 years (2010 to 2020).

Deep knowledge of Father Iroegbu

The programme which was organized by his committee of friends(COF) under the chairmanship of High Chief VU Kasa was in attendance by Maj Gen LS Ajiborishade, COF Grand Patron, Chairman of the Armed Forces of the National Pastoral Council,  Most Rev Wilfred C Anagbe, catholic Bishop of Markurdi Diocese and Liaison Bishop of the Armed Forces, Real Admiral Offodile Obi and other senior officers of the Nigerian Army among other dignitaries

Very Rev Fr (Brig Gen) Charles C Iroegbu

The Chief celebrant, Very Rev Fr (Brig Gen) Charles C Iroegbu received encomiums from his circles of friends and well-wishers all around especially from the military and religious setting. He received the best award ever for his selfless, long, dedicated, meritorious and distinguished service both in the military and vine yard of God.

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Chief Ralph Iroegbu, the father of Rev Fr Charles Iroegbu Spoke about his son

In his statement, Chief Ralph Iroegbu, the father of Very Rev Fr (Brig Gen) CC Iroegbu said he was fulfilled for the career path his son took. That he is a man of service. And that his service started from childhood where he took passion in serving his siblings. He opined that what his son rose to become today, he is not surprise, he continued. A Revered father which is full of life long service to humanity for God and today is his 30 years as a priest. 28 years’ service to humanity for Nigeria as an Army officer. According to him, Father Charles is a problem solver and a gentle man. Chief Iroegbu in his final statement revealed that he also served Nigeria for 28 years before his retirement and thanked God for the grace given to him and his household, especially his son, Father Charles Iroegbu.

Very Rev Fr Joseph Offor spoke about his classmate, father Charles Iroegbu

Very Rev Fr Joseph Offor is the class mate of Father Charles Iroegbu, he described Father Iroegbu as a goal getter, a gentle man both inward and outward appearance. That while in seminary school he was a member of theatre group and always took the role of sergeant, captain and or brig Gen and today he is a fulfilled Rev Father and an Army Officer who rose to the rank of Brigadier General . He won several award plaques in acting he opined.

Very Rev Fr (Brig Gen) Charles Iroegbu

He made a remarkable statement that since 1990, they were ordained priests of God that father Iroegbu has been serving as the president of priest association that unite them together. No opposition, no regret, no issue and or service complaints. That, that goes a long way to show you that his leadership acumen is contagious. And his life is full of passionate service to humanity.

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Of course, there were cultural dance and Military band performances which made the ambiance of the celebration irresistible, alluring and melodious and with different displays that left the well-wishers of Very Rev Fr (Brig Gen) CC Iroegbu dishing out locomotive applause in appreciations. 3D crystal award of honour were placed in sight as everybody was expectant when they will be handed over to the Reverend gentle man. The award plaque is rated as world class recognition plaque.

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3D crystal plaque awards in honour of CC Iroegbu

3D crystal award plaque

Award in honour of father Iroegbu

Presentation of 3D crystal award plaque to Father Charles Iroegbu

The climax of the occasion was the presentation of award plaque to Father Iroegbu, the celebrant. 3D crystal award of honour presente to him is the highest category in the class of plaque award memento. The printing is ultra-violent that directly transferred the pictures of the Reverend Father and Army Officer as well as the wordings right inside the 3D crystal. This is just to make sure that both the 3D crystal award of honour plaque and the wordings remain ever green.

Thanksgiving service

Excellence team gathered that the ceremony of Father Iroegbu’s glorious exit from the Nigerian Army, 30th Priestly ordination anniversary and 58th Birthday continued on Sunday, 30th August 2020 at St. Michael’s Catholic church, Tamandu barracks, where Most Rev Wilfred C Anagbe, catholic Bishop of Markurdi Diocese and Liaison Bishop of the Armed Forces presided over the thanksgiving mass. Bishop used the opportunity to bless father Iroegbu and asked God to reward him handsomely both here on earth and in heaven for his life of dedication and service to man and God. He urged the congregation to emulate the life of the Revered Father. 3D crystal award of honour Father Iroegbu received is an exceptional award plaque for a distinguished personality like him.

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Father Iroegbu in acknowledgement and appreciation thanked everybody for the show of love especially the committee of High Chief VU Kasa for putting up such a well organised event for him. That indeed love rules the world and God Himself is Love. He took time to thank also his parents who through the grace of God made him what he is today. Father Iroegbu blessed God for the grace that has been propelling him all through his career in Nigerian Army and pray for His continued grace as he forge ahead in His vineyard for the rest of his life. He appreciated the 3D crystal award of honour and sees it as a challenge for higher achievements in life.

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